3 lessons the animal kingdom can teach us about taking a Bite Out of our Travel Goals

Over the last few weeks, the animal kingdom has offered, what I believe to be, some really great lessons and tips on facing the giants in our lives and attacking them head on. If you are reading this, it probably means that you have a passion for traveling and experiencing other cultures, new food, and, in general, new places. It also means that, at some point in your life, you have dealt with the struggle of wanting to go some place you’ve always dreamed of but, probably from a lack of resources, you weren’t quite sure how to make it happen. I have been there too and am currently there now. Thankfully, Mother Nature has stepped in to give wanderlusts like you and I a bit of inspiration to keep pushing and to keep dreaming.

Stay on the hunt

Hunt: to pursue with force, hostility, etc., in order to capture. This is precisely what a grouper did in the waters of Bonita Springs, FL, and it definitely paid off! Last month, a group of fishermen caught the food-chain switcheroo on camera in which a large grouper hunts down, attacks, then swallows a shark whole. In the 47-second-long-video clip, viewers can see a shark swimming on the surface of the waters as it gets caught in the fisherman’s hook. Below there is, what seems to be, an unassuming shadow of a fish floating nearby. Little does the poor shark, the fishermen, and the viewers know that the unassuming fish is a gigantic grouper looking to make the shark its meal for the day. What the video doesn’t show is that, according to the fishermen, they had seen the fish following the shark for a while, but thought nothing of it. They’ll never make that mistake again.

Lesson: Sometimes the time is just not right to take that dream trip or journey. That doesn’t mean you give it up and never think of it again. Like the grouper, until it’s time to attack, stay on the hunt. This could be signing up for deal alerts to your dream destination on your favorite bargain website, opening up a travel savings account that helps you slowly build money towards your goal, and sometimes it could just be keeping it fresh in your mind having faith that one day the opportunity will present itself. Don’t take this one for granted. Being open to the possibility is one of the best steps you can take in making going to that travel destination a reality.

Bring backup

I’m no animal whisperer, but I’m pretty sure that on the rare occasion a crocodile and a lion meet and go head to head, the crocodile would be the victor. On my not-so-frequent stops on the Animal Planet channel, I usually see a four-legged animal that stopped to refresh itself at the local watering hole being plunged beneath the waters by a crocodile as it begins its death roll. I guess the lion at the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya knew better, so it brought a few of its friends to help take the crocodile down. The crocodile wasn’t the lion’s primary target; it was the body of a very large elephant that it was going after. The crocodile was merely in its way. The two faced off, but knowing that it may have bitten off more than it could chew, the lion summoned two of its friends who helped bring the crocodile down a size or two. The lions won, and a gigantic elephant was their prize.

Lesson: While traveling alone can be exhilarating and life changing, it can also be pretty pricey. A single cabin on a cruise ship and, sometimes, a hotel room with only one person can push you way past your budget. Don’t let that stop you from taking that trip. Invite a friend and see the costs drop dramatically! Plus, you’ll have someone to take pictures of you and to share food with too.

Keep at it even when obstacles rear their ugly heads (and believe me, they will)

This lesson comes to us from a tiny ant in Australia that saw something it wanted and went after it, even though it was twice its size. Husband and wife duo, Walter and Liz Krikowa, videotaped the ant trying to get away with one of their nuggets of gold. Although it finally gave up after some time of struggling, the ant tried with fervor to move that nugget to its destination. You can see the ant walk away from the nugget and reassess its process then try it again, move it a little more, take a short break, then go back to trying.

Lesson: The moment you decide to make plans to travel to your dream destination, something will unexpectantly come up. I don’t want to list those things, because I don’t want to jinx it but you know exactly what those things are. They are those big things that can derail your plans quickly. Although it may be difficult, keep working toward your goal. Like the ant, you may have to take a break and reassess your plans. They may need to change a little to take into consideration the recent turn of events. Just remember that change doesn’t mean cancel. It may mean push back, but never cancel.

Here’s to you Mother Nature for teaching us a thing or two!

Featured Image Attribution: By Chi King (african lion IV) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

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