4 Non-Food Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

I recently wrote a post on the 5 Food Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico, where I went on and on about the amazing food experiences I had while on the island. For those readers who maybe aren’t that into food, I thought it would be a good idea to also go over some non-food reasons why a visit to Puerto Rico would be a great trip to take with your family and friends. While it’s probably not as exciting as the food, I promise that it will make you think twice about that trip you’re planning to Texas.

Don't mind me... I'm just posing on the beach.
Don’t mind me… I’m just posing on the beach.


I went to Paris with my heart and mind-set on seeing the Eiffel Tower, the communities and places where great African-American artists found safe havens, and famous paintings in the Louvre. In London, it was the London Bridge, Big Ben, Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey. In Rome, it was the Colosseum, Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel. When I was preparing for my trip to Puerto Rico, I had two things that I wanted to do: eat and visit the beaches. Since I’ve already written extensively about my eating adventures, I will stick to the beaches. They were beautiful.

Of course I live in Florida where I am surrounded by beaches, but Puerto Rico is an island. Everywhere we went and looked we saw this beautiful, blue water surrounding us, which at times could be a little frightening–there is only one way in and one way out. Going to the police station… water. Going to refute an error in your banking account… water. Exhaustingly looking for parking on the overly crowded streets… water. It would be quite difficult to stay mad when every time you look around there is a body of water glistening back at you. I just wanted to lie by the water and drink those famous piña coladas for hours.

I conquered the zip line AND saw the beautiful mountains.
I conquered the zip line AND saw the beautiful mountains.


Slap my face and call me dumb, but I had no idea how mountainous Puerto Rico was. Not only is it surrounded by water but behind the water are outlines of beautiful, tall mountainous terrain, which reminded me so much of Austria and Germany. For some reason, mountains really excite me.

According to Wikipedia.com, there are close to 20 mountain ranges on the island. That is a lot of mountains and a whole lot of reasons to be excited about visiting Puerto Rico. The best part is having that view while you float leisurely on one of its many beachfronts. Plus, you can climb them, but this isn’t something that excites me so no need to bring it up.

At Carli's my family was treated so kindly by this gentleman.
At Carli’s my family was treated so kindly by this gentleman.


We came across a lot of smiles during our adventures around the island. I won’t go as far as to suggest that it is a happy place, because there could be a number of reasons why we were greeted with such smiling faces: 1. The temperature averages between 70 and 80 degrees throughout the year or 2. One of its main sources of revenue is tourism, and tourists like to see smiling faces. Either way, it was a joy to not run into the angry waiter or the “totally over it” tour guide. For the most part, people seemed to be enjoying their days strolling along.

No Passport Needed (if you live in the US)

If you are a US resident, you can leave your passports at home when visiting Puerto Rico! This was actually a downer for me. I like having my passport stamped. Plus, I enjoy “going out” of the country. While Puerto Rico is not a US state, it is a US territory, which means that it is governed by US laws. The part that I really enjoyed the most about this was that I didn’t have to deal with those awful exchange rates. The official currency is the dollar, which also meant no bank fees for using my debit card. What’s even more is that there were no roaming fees for using my cell phone either, so I Facebook’d, Instagram’d, Tweeted, and Foursquare’d my entire Puerto Rican adventure.

If this wasn’t enough to totally convince you to make Puerto Rico one of your vacation destinations, be sure to check out my food reasons for visiting the island. I’m pretty sure that they will convince you.

I would love to hear why you love Puerto Rico! Please share below.

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