5 Items I Want to Purchase For My Upcoming Trip, But Can’t – The Kate Spade Edition

Kate Spade Saturday

When it comes to my discretionary income, I have a top three list of things I spend it on: travel, eating out, and buying clothing – in that exact order. If I’m not saving money for my next trip to somewhere foreign, I am taking myself out to somewhere exotic, new, or exciting for a great “mouth experience,” then comes clothing.

Since it seems that I am usually saving for a trip, I’ve found ways to also treat myself to new restaurants around town or even going to one of my staple eateries and trying a new item on the menu. Because of this, my wardrobe is very lackluster. Thankfully I’ve stayed the same size since high school, so even though my clothes fit they’re just not as fashion forward as I would like them to be. So, just imagine my excitement when I received an email from one of my newest, favorite brands – Kate Spade’s Saturday – exclaiming the new styles that had just arrived!

I told myself not to open the email. I knew that although the Saturday brand was less expensive than the KS brand, it was still out of my budget. I clicked anyway with childish hope and naiveté. I thought that maybe I could find at least one spectacular item in my budget that I could proudly wear as I strolled through the Sistine Chapel. I wasn’t disappointed… by the styles that is. Beautiful flowing skirts in girlie colors, simple cotton tees, flower patterned ankle pants, it was a girl’s dream! Then the disappointment came as I scrolled down to the prices. Oh, well I thought, at least a girl can dream.

Instead of letting my fashion dreams go to waste, I thought that maybe it would help me to share those items with you and envision myself in them. So, without further ado, here are 5 items I want to purchase for my upcoming trip but can’t.

1. Sexy Back Dress

I love dresses. They’re so simple and so girlie. What I really love about this one though is the back action. It’s like a mullet: conservative in the front, with a POW! effect in the back. Throw on some cute summer sandals, and this look could carry me through the streets of Rome while I partake in a cup of gelato.

Click for larger image. 

2. Crop Tie Top
You can’t go wrong with a cotton top in a great color. You just can’t! Since visitors must be covered up when visiting the Vatican, this top with a great ankle pant in white would be just the look I need.

Click for larger image.


3. Utility Pocket Pant
Funky, right! Perfect feel for trying out a fun, pizza spot in Rome.

Click for larger image.


4.High-Waist Shorts

Need I say more? Bike Ride. Tuscany. Wine Tasting. Country Side. Must wear high-waisted shorts. It just makes sense.

Click for larger image. 

5. Half-Circle Bag

I love a great cross over bag, especially one in a great, vibrant color. This one is perfect for carrying my, well EVERYTHING!

Click for larger image.


If you are more fortunate than I and are able to purchase an item from this list, please share! I will feel a little “salty,” but for the most part I’ll be happy knowing that someone was able to enjoy them. Are you a Kate Spade Saturday girl too? Let me know below!

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