A Lesson in Life Changing Decisions


I am naturally drawn to people and stories about people who stepped out from their comfort zone and took a chance to live a life of meaning, fulfillment, and true happiness. Each story adds value to my “just do it” account. I make a withdraw from it each time I am presented with an opportunity to take a risk, to step out and see what I am truly made of. The stories I deposit into the account always leave me with a sense of “if they can, then I can too.”

The story of Lisa Condie’s life changing decision to move from Utah to Italy was one of my recent deposits. Within three months of arriving back home from a dream trip to Italy, Lisa sold her home and most of the items inside of it, walked away from her job as a Pilates teacher, said goodbye to her family and friends, AND found an apartment in Italy. Talk about just doing it!

In her article, Lisa shared three lessons she learned during her experience. If I may, I would like to offer up one that she might have forgotten to mention: the importance of making a decision and moving swiftly. Sometimes taking your time, weighing the pros and cons, and mulling over a big decision are necessary. Then there are those times when it’s just time to move! While reading, I expected Lisa’s life changing decision to be done over a course of at least a year. When I saw that it only took her three months to not only make the decision, but actually act on it, my jaw dropped. Through the years, I’ve learned that time is precious. I’ve also found that when it comes to making decisions, too much of it can be a very dangerous ingredient. Time allows for rethinking. Doubt. Detractors. Worst of all, it opens the door to inaction.

What are some lessons you’ve learned in making big decisions? What are some big travel decisions you’ve put on the back burner?

Read more about Lisa’s story and the lessons she learned from her life changing decision here.

Featured image taken from Better Way Moms.

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  • Hi Nicole,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful article and your take on it! I appreciate that you understand that I did make a huge, life changing decision in a small amount of time! I am still in Florence, Italy, and know it was exactly where I was meant to be.
    What I would like to add, was that there had been an underlying discontent in my life for a few years. I just knew there had to be more for me than what I was doing, and so I was very open to change (and joy) when it appeared.
    I hope my story can give women of all ages courage and hope. If you have listened to your heart, and thought about what you truly want from life, when an opportunity presents itself, you recognize it…and can jump!
    Best wishes,
    Lisa Condie

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post AND leave a comment! When I was reading your story, I was wondering what had propelled you to make the decision and make it so quickly. So your addition is very much appreciated. I’ve learned that discontent is important to our growth. Usually, it can give a person that push he/she needs to jump. Because when facing the option of going through life unhappy and unfulfilled, jumping on a plane to start a new life in Italy doesn’t seem so scary. Well, not as scary as the other option.

      I look forward to reading more about your life in Florence!