A Target Haul and My Mind Blowing Experience

Target Haul

On a quest to complete my list of must purchase items for my upcoming trip, I went to Target and had my mind completely blown.

I’m a Target fan. I’ve been one for a very long time. They sell really ordinary things that you could find in any store: coffee makers, microwaves, pencils, pens, notebooks. In fact, my entire college dorm room came from the big box store. But, I find that what they do better than anyone else in the same league is their ability to make those ordinary things look so cute! My (current) Target prize possession is a pink notebook filled with inspirational sayings. It’s what I use to jot down ideas for this very blog. It’s a great mix of function and fashion. But the culprit of my mind-blowing experience that day had absolutely nothing to do with this. Nothing.

Travel size mouthwash. It’s all I was looking for in the “mini size section” of the store. I would’ve been a happy girl if I had left with only that. As you probably know, mouthwash comes in these gigantic bottles that just don’t work for an ATWG. Plus, the thought of the bottle busting a leak in my suitcase made me VERY uneasy. I’m pretty sure that the harsh smell of mint stained clothes would send any would be Italian butt grabber in the opposite direction. And, I can’t allow ANYTHING to stand in the way of that experience. So, I decided that the travel size would be the perfect solution to help me stay on track with my healthy teeth and gums regimen.

After finding a few of the other items on my list, I headed toward the beauty department for my mini. A quick spin through the kid’s section, a walk-through of the appliances, I was almost there. As I rounded the corner of the aisle, I’m not sure why, but a jolt of excitement went through me. Then there I stood, not in front of just one mini, but it was like a quarter aisle of minis! There were mini bottles of body wash, lotion, shampoo, hand sanitizer, there were even mini packs of eye makeup remover cloths, and yes, at the very far corner of the aisle laid my mini bottles of mouthwash. It was like a mini extravaganza! Of course I knew that they carried small sizes of products. I had passed by this aisle several times in the past. I was in total ignorance, however, when it came to the types of products offered AND the brand names that were available in such cute sizes. I was like a child in a candy store.

I wanted everything, even the random things that I had absolutely no need for. I just wanted a plethora of cute, small things to strategically place in my carry-on. (Thinking back, I probably just wanted the opportunity to stick it to TSA.) Luckily, the dollar signs on those minis were far from cute. 99 cents here, $2.00 there, would quickly turn into an “I’m sorry, but I need to return these” moment.

I left Target that day with a travel size bottle of mouthwash and body wash and a travel size pack of makeup remover cloths, but I took with me the memory of those cute, small-sized, non-essential items that I had to leave behind. I’ll be back for them one day.

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