Betsey Johnson + Me x Paris = The Perfect Equation


If the headline didn’t give it away, I will go ahead and put it out there: It was my plan to post a very inspiring, earth shattering blog about my recent trip today but a weekend visit to the mall inspired me to pen something a little less inspiring and not so earth shattering, but still very entertaining instead. So, I hope you enjoy it!

Going off topic in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1. You had fair warning.

For the longest time I had written Betsey Johnson’s designs off as just plain ol’ weird. I did give it the old college try though. I tried talking myself into liking the skeleton laced items. I even went as far as to go into one of her stores and sincerely look for something to wear to an event that was coming up. But I just couldn’t fall in love with her fashion vision; I could barely fall in like with it. Fast forward years later when, after I had totally given up on the whole Betsey Johnson bandwagon, I came across a great pair of stud earrings from none other than Ms. BJ herself. They were exactly what I had been looking for, and after running through my three “go-to” stores, it was Betsey Johnson who would give me the winning accessory to my sought after party “look.” I was so excited to finally have, own, and wear something from the Betsey Johnson collection. Since then, I always make it a point to peruse the jewelry section of a department store for my next BJ find. And this weekend, on a visit to a local department store, that is exactly what I did, and I WAS NOT disappointed.

I was in a hurry to get out of the store and back home for some Saturday evening relaxation. As I passed through the jewelry section, the Betsey Johnson black and pink leopard print branding beckoned to me to stop, but I just really didn’t want to. But of course I did or I wouldn’t be writing this post. Yes, there were the skeleton items that I had become very much accustomed to, but what caught my eye were the number of items dedicated to my dream city: Paris. What was so great was that there wasn’t just one item with Paris or with a Parisian theme. There were a number of them placed all around the jewelry wheel.  As I spun the wheel around with pure glee, it hit me: “Betsey Johnson loves Paris just as much as I do!” Out of all the things I could list that made she and I different, it was the City of Lights that connected us. What I really liked about the collection was how she mixed the chicness of Paris with her quirky, kind of out there style.

I have included pictures (along with links) of my top 5 picks from the collection, but there are plenty more items to pick from.


So, are you loving Betsey Johnson’s Paris inspired jewelry as much as I am??

Featured Image by joannafeelgood [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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