British Airways’ Electronic Luggage Tags – The Hoarder in Me Despises This

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I keep everything. I keep receipts, napkins, bags from restaurants (I have a greasy popcorn bag from Garrett’s under my bed.), menus – when they let me keep them, pens, ticket stubs, everything. I keep anything that will serve as a reminder of my great experience. So, when I saw this headline on Mashable the other day: “British Airways Tries Out Electronic Luggage Tags,” I was not a happy camper. What! I silently screamed in my office. How on earth was I to memorialize my great trips here and abroad? How am I going to remember the exact day, time, flight #, barcode from my trip to the Eternal City? How?!

I have paper tags dating all the way back to when I took my first solo plane trip. They’re stuffed in jars, boxes, and old bags and purses around my room. Who would want to deny me of my memories! Well, according to the article, British Airways does. Here’s a quick description of the product taken from the company’s press release:

Once checked in, customers just need to hold their smartphone over the electronic tag, which automatically updates with a unique barcode containing their flight details and an easy-to-see view of their bag’s destination.

Am I alone? Does anyone else save (hoard) their bag tags? Anyone?

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