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Me looking out of the plane

Missing the Mark on Travel Goals


What to do when you have absolutely no travel plans for at least the next twelve months, have only about $250 in your travel…


New Year, More Travel, No Justification Needed


Happy New Year, ATWGs! I hope you brought in 2014 with style and grace. While you were partying and enjoying the festivities, I was…


Travel: My Quiet Revolution


Author’s note: I realize that this is going on my third post with a Mandela reference. This should hopefully be the last of such…

Mandela Memorial

Mandela and My Journey Back to Connection


It was an ordinary Tuesday at work as I sat at my desk watching the taped coverage of Nelson Mandela’s memorial service where important…


D.C. and My Not-so Inspiring Visit to the MLK Memorial


Flying to D.C.’s National Airport, I just knew my time in the nation’s capital would spawn some great, earth shattering, inspirational posts, especially since…


The Sadness of a Tuscan Bike Ride


Italy. Germany. Austria. They are long gone. While the general memories of the great times I had during my time remain, the specifics are…


The European Gaze


This post is long over due. I’ve been waiting for the right time and exactly the right words to come before sitting down to…

"The realest words I ever wrote."

Money, Travel, and My Deep Thought for the Day


Money, rather the lack of money, doesn’t stand between you and your dreams. I was at Sunday brunch when I had this epiphany. The…

We are at the top of an Italian castle overlooking Florence.

Meet My Travel Clique


Me and my travel clique… we’ve been rolling for a while. We go back decades. Our travel history goes back almost as far. Looking…