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Tamar and Vince

Leaving Italy and three things that made it easier


I loved everything about my recent European excursion. I loved the food. I loved the weather. I loved the sightseeing. I even loved the…


Travel Lifestyler(?): One for me, please


I’m back, and I have a new revelation: I’ve grown tired of traveling. Let me rephrase that. I’ve grown tired of being a traveler….

Josephine Baker (Small)

Dr. King, Paris, and a Beautiful Escape


August 28, 1963. 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave one of the most rousing and important speeches in American history. He…


Finding happiness on my way to the pot of Rome


One week, three days, 5 hours, 15 minutes, and 20… 19… 18… 17… seconds. This is the small amount of time (but what feels…

Jamba Juice Wall Art

When in Rome: Taking the road less traveled to a more fulfilling experience


A few weeks ago, I did something that went completely against everything I had been taught. In an effort to partake in a new…


Parasailing, Concentration Camps, and Learning When to Say No


On a recent evening on my way home from work, the radio program that I was listening to gave an update on the two…


The Italian Butt Grab: To Like or Not to Like


The year was 19??. I was in high school. It was Memorial Day weekend, and I was out with my friends at a local…

Hotel Stay Brochure

A Free Hotel Stay and My Lesson in Actionable Faith


For some time I’ve wanted to start a blog. I wouldn’t admit it to myself, though. I just told every other person I came…


How Drinking Tea in Harrods Taught Me to Own My Experiences


There I was on my dream vacation, in London, just days away from my flight to my ultimate dream trip to Paris. I was…


My Lesson in “Mouth Over Mind” in a Paris Cafe


I had not planned on eating escargot during my stay in the twinkling city of Paris. Sure I wanted to experience all the beautiful,…