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Gotta Go Global

‘Gotta Go Global’ Connects Wanderlusts to Paid Travel Opportunities!


Today, I was pretty set on sharing some insight on choosing the right vacation rentals and why they can be better options when compared…

"The realest words I ever wrote."

How Are Recent Tragedies Affecting Your Travel Plans?


It has been only a few weeks since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Watching as the families wait, holding on to whatever…

Southwest Takeoff Logo

You Are Now Free to Fly Internationally!


I was really excited when I heard the news that my first plane love would now be flying to international destinations. As a broke…

Standing with Mr. Stefano at his B&B, My Guest Roma.

Black People and Airbnb – There’s a “thing” (maybe)


The moment NPR’s David Brancaccio of Market Place previewed a future segment on the discrimination of blacks on Airbnb, I already “knew” exactly how…

Travel Channel Travel Contest (2014)

Contest Alert!


I feel that it is only right that I start this post out by admitting that I am pretty confident that this contest is…


Michael Kors Does It Again


In case you needed a reason to book that dream trip. Michael Kors has given you reason #1, 2, and 3 to go ahead…


Swirling Around the World! – Another Free Trip


It’s raining free trips to Europe! Or so it seems. I stumbled across another great opportunity (complements of Black Girl Travel) that offers an all…


Would you drop everything to go to Paris?


Alright ATWGs here’s our chance to practice what we preach! Tracey Friley of OneBrownGirlInParis is sponsoring a 48-hour sweepstakes that will send the lucky…


ATWG Will Be Right Back!


If you’ve been wondering where I am, don’t worry I’m still here! I am currently enjoying my time in Italy, Austria, and Germany. I…

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British Airways’ Electronic Luggage Tags – The Hoarder in Me Despises This


I keep everything. I keep receipts, napkins, bags from restaurants (I have a greasy popcorn bag from Garrett’s under my bed.), menus – when…