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3 lessons the animal kingdom can teach us about taking a Bite Out of our Travel Goals


Over the last few weeks, the animal kingdom has offered, what I believe to be, some really great lessons and tips on facing the…


In remembrance of your perfect vacation: Here are 3 tips to buying the perfect souvenir


I take my souvenir shopping serious. I take it so serious that I do not want other people bringing back souvenirs for me when…

Beaching it in Puerto Rico!

4 Non-Food Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico


I recently wrote a post on the 5 Food Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico, where I went on and on about the amazing food…


Exploring the World of Theatre on a Budget


First it was In the Heights, then it was FELA!. It was Billy Elliot in London, then back to New York for Memphis and…


When in Doubt, Hop-on, Hop-Off: Five Reasons Why You Should Take This Type of Tour During Your Next Trip


I did it in London. I did it in Chicago. I even did it in Vienna. And I hope to one day add to…


Three Reasons Why You Should Go on an Alternative Vacation


Last week, I wrote about my awesome spring break experience in New Orleans and how it was a great way to mix fun with…

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Reader Beware: 3 Reasons to Give Those TripAdvisor Reviews The “Side Eye”


Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of going on a “ride along” on a food tour around the city. The company, owned by…

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Still putting your travel plan together for the year? Here’s one way to do it!


I’ve always wondered what a travel blogger’s annual travel plan looked like, and more specifically how he/she came up with such a plan. I wondered…

Rick Steves' Book

My travel bible, and 3 Things Rick Steves Forgot to Mention


For a majority of my life, I’ve only relied on one Bible to help guide my decisions and provide direction on the best way…