‘Gotta Go Global’ Connects Wanderlusts to Paid Travel Opportunities!

Gotta Go Global

Today, I was pretty set on sharing some insight on choosing the right vacation rentals and why they can be better options when compared to standard hotel accommodations. I promise that it was going to be more exciting than I just made it out to be. But it can wait until next week. It will have to wait, because I have something that HAS to be dished out TODAY!

Here goes:

While perusing Facebook last evening, I came across a post on the Urban Cusp page. Let me rephrase, as soon as I visited the Urban Cusp page, for the first time at the recommendation of a friend – if I may add, I saw this:

It was the very first post on the page! I felt like such a lucky girl. So, of course I clicked the link, and there I was at the Gotta Go Global website. I almost flipped.

Here’s why:

Gotta Go Global has only one goal: to use social media to connect professionals and students with “fully-funded study abroad programs, global professional development programs, as well as scholarships and fellowships for advanced studies or professional training in global affairs.”

Nothing more. Nothing less.

It was all I needed to quickly make my way to the organization’s Facebook page so that when my special opportunity presented itself, I would be there to claim it!

Here’s the thing:

It’s a good thing. Gotta Go Global is giving lovers of travel until today to sign-up for its free newsletter that will include information on 40 paid travel opportunities. I’ve signed up, and will sign up again just to make sure that my name is on the list.

For more information or to sign-up for the newsletter, visit http://www.gottagoglobal.org/. Then, head straight to its social media sites. That’s where all the really good stuff is.

Here’s to paid travel!

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