Leaving Italy and three things that made it easier

Tamar and Vince

I loved everything about my recent European excursion. I loved the food. I loved the weather. I loved the sightseeing. I even loved the airplane food. I was excited to go, but not even close to being amused at the thought of returning back home to my regularly scheduled programming. Which is why I was a little surprised by the small jolt of excitement I felt as we boarded the last leg of our flight home. What made me eager to return home, you ask? Was it a boyfriend? Was there an exciting opportunity waiting for me? Nope, none of the above. My reasons were a lot less inspiring, but hopefully you can relate to them. Here they are, the top 3 things that made my arrival back home a little easier to handle.

Reality TV (kill the judgment, please)

On Thursday, September 5th we left for Rome. This pains me to say, but my excitement about seeing the Coliseum was also mixed with a tinge of disappointment. Why? How? What? Here goes: Thursday, September 5th was also the second season premier of one of my favorite reality T.V. shows: Tamar & Vince. I know what you’re thinking: how on earth could a television show compare to a thousand-year old piece of history? To be quite honest, if you are thinking this, then you probably haven’t watched the show.

For me, it seemed like forever and a day since the first season wrapped up earlier this year, and I was eager to see Tamar go through the experience of being pregnant for the first time along with her over the top personality. I’m also a sucker for love, so I too was eager to see the sometimes not so traditional way the couple loves each other. In fact, during our family dinner, I made sure to ask if anyone had watched the show in my absence. A few eye rolls, coupled with deep sighs told me what I needed to know: I was alone in my appreciation for Tamar and Vince, at least when it came to my family.

Want to put a smile on my face after being forced to return back home from an amazing trip? It’s simple. Give me a Thursday night of back-to-back episodes of one of my favorite reality shows, and it will do the trick like no other. The Thursday after our return, I sat with such a big smile on my face as my show began. No, I wasn’t overlooking the beautiful grape fields of Tuscany, and I was thousands of miles away from the beautiful mountains of Germany, but in that moment I had everything I needed. Tamar and Vince, you’re my Monday and my Friday.

Grocery Shopping

Looking for me on a Saturday afternoon? You can usually find me in one of four places. Sadly, none of them ends with department store. Nope. My Saturday hot spots consist of less exciting stops. Here’s a sample itinerary: 1. grocery store for fruits and vegetables, 2. grocery store for economical items, 3. grocery store for organic/natural items, and (my favorite) 4. grocery store for items that cost ten times what I would pay for them at grocery store #2, if only they sold those items.  Although it’s a necessary and monotonous task, I do get a kick out of opening up the fridge Sunday morning and seeing a refrigerator and cabinet filled with items for the week.

As I came to grips with being back home, the thought of writing a grocery list and checking off each item one-by-one made it a little easier for me to get back in the groove of things.


I will write more on this in the very near future, but in the meantime let me just tell you: being black in certain parts of Europe will get you some pretty intense stares. There were times when I would look up from enjoying my food, and I would find someone staring at me as I chewed. Some of the stares were nice, though. Those were usually from admiring men. The others were just people who were sincerely interested and maybe a bit taken aback by my hair. But the looks of disapproval and alien-ness, I could’ve done without. So, I definitely looked forward to my return back to the States, where for the most part, I fly under the radar. Grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart, quick stop at the mall, a lunch stop at Subway… I never thought that I would be so happy to be ignored.

 What are some unusual things you look forward to when returning from an awesome trip?

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