Missing the Mark on Travel Goals

Me looking out of the plane

What to do when you have absolutely no travel plans for at least the next twelve months, have only about $250 in your travel fund, have an intense urge to travel, plus you write a travel blog that depends solely on your travel experiences.

This is the exact issue I’m facing, and it’s only my second post of the year. Aaargh!! While I had an awesome time on my recent trip to Italy, Austria, and Germany, it consumed almost all of the savings in my travel fund. This is actually no surprise. It was suppose to do exactly that. I save trip by trip. I tally up the cost then work backwards to figure out how much I need to save each month to meet my goal.

The thought of me finally going to Tokyo this year went as quickly as the idea came to me, that is, after I did the calculations. Based on the cost of the flight that I researched, I could probably do a week trip to Tokyo for about $3,000. If I wanted to go in December, which I absolutely do not want to do, that would put me at saving about $250 each month. For some this may be a drop in the bucket, and I’m hoping one day that it’ll be just that for me but today, Monday, January 6, 2014, saving $250 for my travel fund just doesn’t seem feasible. It’s feasible, just not that comfortable. The more I think about it actually, the more I’m realizing that I could actually pull this off, I just do not want to do a cold Tokyo. Then again, South Africa has surprisingly been on my mind lately. Decisions…decisions…

But, I digress.

So, in light of my situation, I’ve decided to not throw in the towel but rather broaden my idea of what travel is. For me, outside of going thousands of miles away, travel is the opportunity to experience a different culture, their customs, and their ways. Who said you have to literally be in Country X or Y to do such a thing?!? Of course, I would rather be there but sometimes you just have to make sweet lemonade out of a lemony situation. And that’s just what I intend to do.

I’ve decided that since I am unable to take an international trip this year, I will bring the international trip to me. I will experience, delve into, and consume different cultures right here in my very own backyard. The best part about it? I will share these experiences and the things I’ve learned with you! Plus, I will be going to some out of state places, as well.

I hope you stay tuned for the fun!

When you are unable to satisfy your travel goals and desires, what do you do?

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