Still putting your travel plan together for the year? Here’s one way to do it!

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I’ve always wondered what a travel blogger’s annual travel plan looked like, and more specifically how he/she came up with such a plan. I wondered if the blogger just went with the flow, going to each new destination on a whim, a change in weather, because it just “felt right,” or just went where the boss (an editor) commanded. The other day while combing through my Feedly account for awesome and interesting travel stories to share with you, I came across Gary Arndt’s post titled “My 2014 Travel Plans.” (Thank goodness he keeps his titles short, simple and straight to the point – very unlike someone we both know and appreciate.)

Gary is a travel blogger and photographer who has received a number of very cool travel awards and has written for and been mentioned in such publications as New York Times, BBC, The Atlantic, and The Huffington Post. He is that travel blogger! Opening up his post, I thought for sure that his plans would include visiting some great places here and there, but what I got was so much more! Based on his plan (and because he said so), by mid-January, Gary will have visited 4 different continents. That’s 4 different continents in 2014, not in 2 months or even in 1 month – that’s 16 days to be exact.

What a way to travel!  Better yet, what a way to plan!

Without further ado, I have included a screen shot of Gary’s very ambitious 2014 travel plan – not for wishful thinking or to intimidate you (or myself) – but rather to show you the possibilities. I encourage you to read more about Gary at his blog Everything, Everywhere and how he got into travel writing. His story is not as traditional as you would think, which is very inspiring.

Dream away!

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So, ATWGs which one of Gary’s planned destinations made your mouth water with travel delight?? Are you planning to visit one of these destinations too?

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