Puerto Rico

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The Truth About Traveling as and with an Introvert


By day 5 of our trip to sunny, beach-filled Puerto Rico, I had become disinterested, aggravated, and agitated, to say the least. There were 5…

Don't mind me... I'm just posing on the beach.

I Went ‘Commando’ in Puerto Rico and Other Travel Adventures That Pushed Me Outside of My Comfort Zone


Bugs. They are one of the reasons that at the age of almost 30 I still felt uncomfortable even going to bed with no…

Beaching it in Puerto Rico!

4 Non-Food Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico


I recently wrote a post on the 5 Food Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico, where I went on and on about the amazing food…

Chocolate and cheddar cheese dipped in hot chocolate... it was great!

5 Food Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico


¡Hola! I am back from my recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. In addition to the amazing tan that I got from spending…