3 lessons the animal kingdom can teach us about taking a Bite Out of our Travel Goals


Over the last few weeks, the animal kingdom has offered, what I believe to be, some really great lessons and tips on facing the…


In remembrance of your perfect vacation: Here are 3 tips to buying the perfect souvenir


I take my souvenir shopping serious. I take it so serious that I do not want other people bringing back souvenirs for me when…

Standing with Mr. Stefano at his B&B, My Guest Roma.

Black People and Airbnb – There’s a “thing” (maybe)


The moment NPR’s David Brancaccio of Market Place previewed a future segment on the discrimination of blacks on Airbnb, I already “knew” exactly how…

Me looking out of the plane

Missing the Mark on Travel Goals


What to do when you have absolutely no travel plans for at least the next twelve months, have only about $250 in your travel…


New Year, More Travel, No Justification Needed


Happy New Year, ATWGs! I hope you brought in 2014 with style and grace. While you were partying and enjoying the festivities, I was…


The Sadness of a Tuscan Bike Ride


Italy. Germany. Austria. They are long gone. While the general memories of the great times I had during my time remain, the specifics are…


Swirling Around the World! – Another Free Trip


It’s raining free trips to Europe! Or so it seems. I stumbled across another great opportunity (complements of Black Girl Travel) that offers an all…


Travel Lifestyler(?): One for me, please


I’m back, and I have a new revelation: I’ve grown tired of traveling. Let me rephrase that. I’ve grown tired of being a traveler….

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British Airways’ Electronic Luggage Tags – The Hoarder in Me Despises This


I keep everything. I keep receipts, napkins, bags from restaurants (I have a greasy popcorn bag from Garrett’s under my bed.), menus – when…

Kate Spade Saturday

5 Items I Want to Purchase For My Upcoming Trip, But Can’t – The Kate Spade Edition


When it comes to my discretionary income, I have a top three list of things I spend it on: travel, eating out, and buying…